Change the Default Server Page

Default Server Page is the web page which resolves when someone tries to browse the hostname of your VPS. Changing the default server page in cPanel Servers is a very easy. You can change it using WHM (Web Host Manager). Here is a step by step guide on how you can change the default server page of your VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Step by step guide to Change the Default Server Page

WHM Login Interface

STEP 1: To change the default server page of your VPS, you need to login to your WHM.

Web Template Editor

STEP 2: Once you’re logged in, search for ‘Web Template Editor’. It’s under ‘Account Functions’ on the left pan. Click on that link.

Default Web Page Editor

STEP 3: Now you’re in the editing wizard of your default server page. Change it or give it a complete new touch using the editor.

Template Upload Tool

STEP 4: You can try uploading your already designed template by using this upload tool. It’s right under the editor window.