Create Subdomains

cPanel is the most popular hosting management console which being used by millions of webmasters. It allows an user to get the most out of his/her hosting service. cPanel allows users to create subdomains within few clicks of mouse. We’re here to learn how to create subdomains in cPanel

Create Subdomains in cPanel

cPanel Login Interface

STEP 1: To create a subdomain, you need to login to your cPanel first.


STEP 2: Once you’re logged in search for ‘DOMAINS‘ section. Click on ‘Subdomains‘ under that section.

Create Subdomains

STEP 3: Now you’re in the Subdomain creation wizard. Type in the Subdomain name you want to create on the first field. Select the domain name for which you want to create the subdomain from the drop down. Then type in a directory name for the Subdomain. Then click on ‘Create‘ button.


You’ll see a confirmation message like this once your Subdomain is created.