Create Hosting Packages

WHM (Web Host Manager) allows WebHost Resellers to create hosting packages which allocate specific resources & settings for cPanel accounts. Creating hosting packages reduces the time spent for creating a hosting account.

A hosting package allows the resellers to specify resources like disk quota, monthly bandwidth, number of email accounts, ftp accounts, mysql databases, addon domains, subdomains, parked domains, maximum number of emails that can be relayed etc. It also allows to configure settings like assigning a dedicated IP, allowing CGI access, allowing shell access, setting up SPF & DKIM¬† etc. If you do not create hosting packages you’ll be asked to specify all these fields while creating a hosting account. So let’s learn how to create hosting packages in Web Host Manager (WHM)

How to Create Hosting Packages in WHM

WHM Login Interface

STEP 1: To create hosting packages for your clients you need to log into WHM first.

Add a Package

STEP 2: Once you’re logged in, type add a package on the search console at top left. Click on ‘Add a Package‘ under the ‘Packages‘ menu.

Create Hosting Packages

STEP 3: Now you’re in the package creation wizard. Type a name in the ‘Package Name‘ field to set a name for your hosting package. Set the values of all fields & check the boxes according to your requirements. Click on ‘Add‘ button when you’re done.


Once the package is created, you’ll see a confirmation like this on the bottom right corner of your screen.