Add a CNAME Record

A Canonical Name record or CNAME Record is basically a type of resource record in Domain Name System. It is used to state that a domain name is an alias for some other domain. Very often we need to add CNAME Records for various purposes and adding a CNAME Record in cPanel is a pretty simple task to accomplish. Let’s learn how to add a CNAME Record.

Add a CNAME Record (Step by step)

cPanel Login Interface

STEP 1: To add a CNAME Record in cPanel you’ll need to login to your cPanel Account first.

Zone Editor

STEP 2: Once you’re logged in, search for ‘Zone Editor’ under the ‘DOMAINS’ section. Click on ‘Zone Editor’.

CNAME Record Wizard

STEP 3: In the Zone Editor wizard search for ‘CNAME Record’ and click on it.

Add a CNAME Record

STEP 4: A pop up window will appear. Enter values on the fields and click on ‘Add a CNAME Record’ button. It may take a few moments according to the speed of your server.